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Seasonal Artist

Lisa Allyn Brown

Born and raised in California, I was privileged to live in beautiful places: the mountains as a child and later the Pacific Ocean in high school. Singing was my first love at a very young age, yet I soon discovered in my teens that any form of self-expression became a way of tapping into what Trappist monk Thomas Keating refers to as,
'The Divine Therapist'. Emotions I didn't have
the words for always found their way of expressing themselves through the arts. As a massage therapist and yoga enthusiast, I have learned how our bodies are instruments, vessels of creative expression. Working with canvas has become yet another way to express the Infinite in the finite of the material. 56
My fate as a creative was 'sealed' with WAX when I discovered the magic of Encaustic painting in 2010. Using a combination of melted beeswax and resin, I apply the wax onto a wood panel and fuse the surface with heat. (My favorite is a torch, but I also use a heating gun.) I utilize hand-made paper, fabric, found objects, original photography, text, pastels, oils, watercolor, and Indian ink. Possibilities are truly endless with this medium.
My affinity for the unexpected awe and wonders found in daily life inspire the Muse within to attempt forms of expression that reflect the beauty and light in this world. And as my dear friend and spirit mentor Beulah Thurman use to say, "We could all use a little more Light". May it Be So.

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